Our Services

Mobile marketing

Have you ever wondered how to reach a large number of people quickly without incurring large financial costs? Cost-effective, powerful Mobile Marketing is here to facilitate this issue, which is evidenced by the statistics on its impact and increasing volumes from year to year.

Digital Marketing

We know how to promote your business, ensure your literate presence in the digital world. Properly selected marketing tools, technological, innovative unique solutions and properly developed strategy are the keys to success. All this will grow your business and take it to a higher level.

Call Center

The "Call Center" service allows you to have experienced operators who will properly answer customers' calls during advertising campaigns, mistory shopping, orders, cold calls services, telephone consulting, market research. In addition, there is a possibility to order a call, call recording, IVR system, detailed call reporting etc..


Having the right software in modern technological era is the basis that contributes to the creation of profitable, efficient companies, saves resources, acquires a stable and leading position in the market. We are here to offer comprehensive solutions for your business. We help companies implement every idea by offering state of the art solutions perfectly tailored to their customers' needs.

Who we are

Mobbis has been engaged in mobile marketing since 2006, later expanded into the field of digital marketing.
Our mission is to develop and provide organization-customer interactive, detailed targeted communication to provide high-quality and affordable services due to its unique technical base.
Experience and changes that meet the requirements of the time allow to ensure innovative, flexible solutions and competitive advantages.
The keys to the success of Mobbis are our team spirit, warm family atmosphere, constant technological updates and continual focus on our partners’ requirements.
More than 600 companies trust us.


Since 2006 Mobbis has been providing digital-interactive services.
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The activity of Mobbis intends to identify customers' business needs and accordingly, offer individual approaches.
Mobbis highlights long-term partnerships, providing a full range of services to implement projects of any complexity based on digital technologies.
Using our services, the customer is not only able to communicate with potential or existing customers, but also to carry out full monitoring, due to the provided web interface and simple tools, as well as to receive a detailed report on the results of all services.


You can provide us with your phone number database or use our regularly updated database, which has detailed targeting with different criteria (sex, age, place of residence etc.)

Short Numbers

We offer informative, entertainment, interactive services through short numbers (quizzes, contests, polling, etc.)

Collaboration with Mobbis

Your 3 main steps to action

Competent and comprehensive consulting at all stages of project implementation
Quick start of any complexity projects, quality service and possibility to analyze the results
Gaining competitive advantage and recognition in market