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About Us

Our history

Mobbis was founded in 2006 with the philosophy of serving our customers by understanding their business needs.
Our founders saw an opportunity to leverage their experience in mobile technologies to offer a new era of products and services for Armenian market.

Today Mobbis is a dynamically developing innovative company and one of the leading companies providing digital services, which moves forward, constantly setting new benchmarks and overcoming new challenges.

Who we are

We are enthusiastic team players above all, so in order to achieve client goals we stand together from all our departments to find the best solutions.

Through working with our team, you will be able to manage information flows effectively, conduct marketing campaigns, increase sales and optimize advertising costs.

The company is focused on long-term cooperation with partners and provides a full range of services for organizing a project of any complexity based on digital technologies.
Our solutions allow you to build personal communication processes with potential and existing customers, to effectively manage message mailing and direct marketing.
  • Our mission

    Providing innovations in digital marketing we assist our partners to build contact with consumers, increase consumer loyalty and brand awareness, use analytical tools to gain competitive advantages.

  • Our vision

    Innovation is our passion, which drive us to seek and find the most optimal solutions for business promotion.

  • Our values

    The values by which Mobbis is guided are the guarantee of our existence. Based on these values, we constantly set new benchmarks and exceed them.

    Customer oriented approach:
    We rely on identifying the partner's business needs, his business goals. We have a results-based approach and persistent improvement of those results and ways to achieve them. We combine speed, quality, efficiency, high-quality service, trust in partnership relations.

    Approach of "WE":
    Mobbis is a strong, warm and unbreakable family, and the team spirit is the basis of Mobbis.

    We aim to achieve maximum result by putting all efforts and professionalism into our daily work. We are constantly moving forward with keeping our finger on the pulse of innovation.

What makes us great

Partner satisfaction

Our ideology is being engaged around the delivery of true value and quality to our clients.


Reliability is a precondition for trust. We always set SMART goals which are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. A balanced and correctly assessed arrangement creates guarantees of trust in partnership.


Mobbis is a breathing organism where trust, honesty, commitment and mutual respect make us one powerful unity. Team spirit is the core of our activity. We have chosen integrity to ensure a healthy work environment and relationships. That united and strong organism works with great dedication for the benefit of your business development and its new successes.

Superior Service

The most important thing for us is to LISTEN to the client. The cornerstones of our approach is to give importance to their requests, demands and concerns and regularly receive feedback. All our efforts are aimed to provide the best.

Services we do

  • Projects and services based on short SMS numbers
  • Advertising services based on SMS-technology
  • Automated (transactional) SMS delivery
  • Viber Messaging
  • SMM (Social Media Marketing) Services
  • Integrated projects based on web technologies
  • IVR-based projects
  • Providing information and entertainment services through voice messaging
  • Call Center
  • Website Development