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Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing targets mobile users, the main advantage of which is that it is always in the hands of the carriers everywhere. It makes it appropriate for companies to collect customers’ personal data for further notifications and information with their permission.
Customers respond very quickly to mobile messages. On average, it takes up to 90 seconds. And this fact makes mobile messaging a major marketing tool which is time sensitive, fast and efficient․ This is the reason for the dynamic growth of this tool for the information transfer of special offers, discounts, promotions, orders etc.
On average, people check their cell phones 85 times a day, which means that you will have so many opportunities to make an impression.


SMS allows you to personalize what you need to say by providing instant information to current and potential customers. Within a few minutes the subscribers receive information about discounts, bank account inflows and outflows, etc.

Mobbis provides two types of SMS: transactional and advertising.
Advertising SMS is used to send special offers, discounts or promotions to new and existing customers.
They can be sent on working days from 10 AM to 6 PM.
Transactional SMS is used to send one-time passwords (OTPs), informational messages, booking and order notifications to your registered customers.
They should not be intended for marketing.
Transactional SMS are delivered 24x7x365 with no time restriction.


Mobbis provides the service of sending marketing and transactional messages to Viber users through the official Viber channel.
Marketing Viber messages sent on behalf of your company/brand in text+image+active link format create new business opportunities.
Transactional Viber messages contain only text up to 1000 characters. It greatly improves the quality of customer service.


ProMobile is a project to raise brand awareness and increase sales. Based on the monitoring of the implemented actions, we can state that it contributes to sales growth by at least 20-25%, increases the brand awareness, ensures the creation and strengthening of consumer-brand interactive relationships.


Premium SMS service allows to use four-digit numbers to send interactive messages. This type of messages is widely used for SMS promotions, quizzes, games, contests, voting etc.
With the assistance of Mobbis you can order either a connection to a new four-digit number service or take advantage of the most affordable rental option.
Mobbis provides the customer with an SMS channel and web interface for monitoring.


We live in an era, when everything tends to be fast, instant and simple.
Voice messaging is an innovative way to connect with your audience through pre-recorded messages.
You can send notifications, advertisements, any information to a large number of people at the same time via voice messages.
MobiVoice service allows you to send unlimited voice messages to mobile and landline subscribers.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, using the Internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other ways, tends to engage consumers, provide feedback and build interactive relationships with them.

In the current conditions of technological development, it is impossible to imagine business progress, brand position in the market and sales growth without the use of digital marketing tools.

The availability of this marketing direction, the high level of engagement, the targeting, the provision of feedback, the measurability create a new dimension of advantages. They are directly related to an attractive representation on different platforms, original and interesting content.


If you aim to inform the large audience about your product or service by precisely targeting them, this is the right time to ensure your presence on social media. Mobbis is ready to create, manage and promote your business pages on social media. Literate and interesting representation, implementation of advertising campaigns will increase the awareness of your brand, will contribute to the growth of sales.


Email marketing is one of the best ways to build relationships with your current and potential customers. It increases audience loyalty, attracts customers, expands engagement, and as a result, ensures revenue growth. Regardless of the various opinions in the field, email marketing continues to be actual, relevant and effective.


A call center is a specialized department that handles inbound and outbound calls from current and potential customers.
The call center service is provided to support advertising campaigns, marketing research, organization of training for call center operators, cold calling, implementation of the mystery shopping research method, and more.
Call Center service provides experienced operators, who answer customers calls properly, the ability to request a call-back, to have a call-recording opportunity, IVR system, detailed reporting etc.

Integration Services

Mobbis has designed a special software solution, through which the automatic top-up of the account of mobile phone numbers is carried out. Providing the entire integration and technical process, this service is available in the local market.
It is actively used to encourage customers within the framework of various projects.